About us

Feast at Trucks strives towards branching out the food truck culture in India to various geographies and strives to bring a jump in the Food and Beverage scenario across the industry.

What we love

We love food. We also love the concept of food on wheels. Hence, Feast on Trucks!

What we do

We do amazing events in collaboration with food trucks of that particular area to bring all the food lovers at a single place. Marketing and branding?
Oh, yes!

What we believe in

We believe that Food trucks are a revolution in the Food and Beverage industry and should be present at all areas across the country

Our Events

Food Trucks & us

  • Association with Food Trucks

    We believe that every food truck has something amazing to offer to its customers. We want to bring a customer closer to the food truck community by marketing and branding different food trucks and reaching their target audience in a personalized manner.

  • Marketing of Food Trucks

    Food glorious food! But yes, the packaging needs marketing. And that is where we come into the picture. From designing tailor made marketing campaigns for food trucks to Social Media Marketing, we deal with it.

  • Advertisement with Food Trucks

    Every product needs an advertisement. So do food trucks. We develop beautiful advertisement for the food trucks and give them a greater visibility in this ever growing Food and Beverage industry.

  • Events and Food Trucks

    We organize beautiful events with food trucks as collaborators and providing them with a great platform to showcase the best of their kitchen.

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